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The Principle of Full and Empty (Void)

As we explore the principles and ideas in this book, keep in mind that all of these can be expressed on a spiritual, mental, and physical level. This means that to insure that the most is gained from these ideas, one should see how you can use them in your daily life outside of Wanomichi Fundamental Aiki class. Space and spacing, known as ma-ai, in the martial arts, is the keen sense of our relations with our center and being and the things around us - energetic and physical. It is imperative to have a working knowledge of this principle to ensure a smooth and safe life. All is Ma-ai when you think about it: from walking through the mall, to driving on the freeway, to interacting with others. The space and distance is critical. How we use space and distance determines the outcomes of our goals and the realities that we are inclined to manifest in our lives. In a simple sense, our techniques work best when the spacing is proper. The physics principle stating that two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time is logical and common sense. All we have to do is to keep the spirit of this principle in mind while we do our Wanomichi Fundamental Aiki practice, and we will be well on our way to practicing Wanomichi Fundamental Aiki and not just technique. Wanomichi Fundamental Aiki is Wanomichi Fundamental Aiki, and the techniques that we practice are the tools to get there; they are not Wanomichi Fundamental Aiki. Wanomichi Fundamental Aiki is a way of life and a life style. The techniques acquaint us with the way of Wanomichi Fundamental Aiki; however, we are very limited, if we stop at technique. Just get out of the way. It is this simple recommendation that will cause you to start finding the space you need to make those techniques work. Ideally, you are learning what space and distance you need to be successful with each technique. The application of this principle is very applicable in our daily lives in this way. We are constantly in a state of change; it is the only variable that remains the same-CHANGE. Because this is so, it is important to stay aware and attentive to the elements of our life that we have sway over. When there is a void, or you feel you are missing something in your life, then you probably are. So, it is imperative to explore what it is and then fill your void. This will lead to a happy and balanced life. When we feel that an area of our life is too full, it is important to create some space there - empty it out a bit and voila we have room and the proper conditions for the balance necessary. Empty the mind and fill it; fill the mind and empty it; this is the way. The same is true with the techniques of Wanomichi Fundamental Aiki. When the space is full, empty it by moving or changing your hanmi and filling it with a technique or your partner and vice versa. It is this interchange that is the rhythm of your heart beat and the blood in your body. It is the rhythm of the universe to be full and empty and empty and full. It is the very nature of music, sports, the arts, and life itself. To know and apply this principal will bring you success, at once, in and out of the dojo.

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