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Putting It All Together

Who is the best and neatest worker of this Problem. This means, who is organized? Mathematical motion with the task at hand. The task is bringing knowledge and experience into 'Alighted Action.' "The Process" is what it is called. The step by step Methodology brought into focus and manifesting reality. First what is the Goal? Second, what is the desired outcome and the real results of said actions. which begins with what I want and then how do you achieve it?

Shisei Ryu is a system of Practice for Self Mastery with the ultimate results of balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit. The Practice is done so that one has emotional balance, which creates very good mental health; all while keeping the body flexible and strong externally and internally. The practice leads to developing a deep connection with self and the world. Shisei means, "to seek the Truth." Truth and actions based on truth will always give us Progress. The core truth is in the principle that governs life and its balance. Martial practice and study is universal laws and principles put into a practice. The life energy rides on the breath and blood of life. Circulations of air in and out of the body equalizes pressure and creates the perfect conditions for balance and performance. Practitioners at the highest levels, Masters, learn to issue the Ki energy accross the waves of blood and water in the body. The imagination and Will of the thought mind body directs the life energy, KI, and causes greater life and health. The training plan begins with greater mind, body flexibility through Yoga practices and methods. At the core of Shisei Ryu Karate is the symphony of all life arts as one practice. The stretching is based in Yoga and can be practiced as an art unto itself. Yoga is the method of tying the mind, body, and breath together, binding it and releasing energy in the most economical way available.

There are several aspects of training that include flexibility practices and body control techniques 1 The All of these and many more elements are equally important and united as one in Shisei Ryu Karate. The power and fuel of the practice is truth in all of its ways, shapes, and forms. Ours is an art based in the Law of Life once known as the High Science of Life.

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