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Health Begins in the Mind

The Minds balance is vital as the body is an extension of the mind and the decisions made in it. The basic function of the body requires food called nutrients. Food, in the real sense, is that which is Natural and non synthetic; these are the best for us. Shisei Ryu karate requires mental and physical energy. It is, therefore, vital that the adherents of Shisei Ryu karate treat the body and the mind as being the real dojo or temple. This implies a clean or holy place. A place where you reach for the highest standards. The food is not only physical food, yet it is what is ingested through what we look at or listen to. As we absorb external food into our internal self, it is important to note the importance of this sacred act. Yes, eating is that important. If someone is masterful at something, and they are not giving the mind and body the proper nutrients; imagine if this same individual adhered to the law of food and nutrients, then they would be even greater at their skill.

Here in the western hemisphere food mastery is challenging, because there are so many unhealthy treats that are delicious. This means that in order to master food and nutrition, one must have supreme discipline and control. Shisei Ryu Karate-do assists us in strengthening and developing discipline.

Shisei Ryu is the practice based in breath and body control.

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