3 Beginner Wanomichi classes.  Wanomichi means the way of Peace.  It is a practical self defense method in which you take the opponents power and make it your own.  A practice which helps with focus, concentration, self discipline, self esteem, confidence and more.  Learn to protect your mind and body.  Register Now and get a free Bonus training Uniform.  Class is an 1 hour.  Tuesday & Thursday evening at 7:30 PM. Register now and receive a bonus Free training Uniform (gi). We will call you to set up your first class once you register.  

Wanomichi 3 class Intro. course

  • Through this course, students have the opportunity to be introduced to the basic skills and foundation of Wanomichi.  Wanomichi is the art of peace.  It is being in the center always through the development of mind and body coordination. The guiding principles of Blending and Proper angle allows you to overcome attackers who are much larger with no problem.